Executive Team

Founder and Executive Director

Director of Finance

Director of Technology

Director of Operations

Director of Marketing

Director of School Partnerships

Director of Development

Leadership Team

Program Analytics Manager

Volunteer Manager

Event Manager

Groups Coordinator (Group Volunteering and Food Drives)


Driver Manager

Route Manager

Board of Directors

Nurali Jamani



Stacey Cardenas

Vice President


J. Mark Joseph



Pat Humphrey



Mike Donlan

Tech Advisor


Robert Mackey

Advisor to the Board of Directors

Area Teams

Each of the Food For Neighbors' areas is lead by a team of volunteers, including the Area Manager (AM), Event Coordinator (EC), Volunteer Coordinator (VC), Driver Coordinator (DC), and/or Pantry Coordinator (PC).


Area Manager - Christy McIntyre

Event Coordinator - Jennifer Gendell

Driver Coordinator - Karen Penn



Area Manager - Joy Widding

Event Coordinator - Cindy Venne 

Driver Coordinator - Ellen McDougall



Area Manager - Heather Ellison

Event Coordinator - Kate Trussell

Volunteer Coordinator - Kristen Lasich

Driver Coordinator - Matt Ellison


FAIRFAX - coming soon!

Area Manager - OPEN

Event Coordinator - OPEN

Volunteer Coordinator - OPEN

Driver Coordinator - OPEN

Pantry Coordinator - OPEN



Area Manager - Paula Prettyman

Event Coordinator - Suzanne Zulauf

Driver Coordinator - Shannon Kentner



Area Manager - Laura Wainwright

Event Coordinator - Andrea Wilkinson

Driver Coordinator - Laura Wainwright

Pantry Coordinator - Vero Autphenne



Area Manager - Pabla Ayala

Event Coordinator - Fiona Gonsalvez

Volunteer Coordinator - Karen Kucik

Driver Coordinator (North) - Jillian O’Shea-Smith

Driver Coordinator (South) - Erika Carlson



Area Manager - Karen McGuinness

Event Coordinator - Karen McGuinness

Driver Coordinator - Melissa McEntee



Area Manager - Darlene Christopher

Event Coordinator - Kirstin O’Connor

Volunteer Coordinator - Tahnee Blauser 

Driver Coordinator - Laurie Perry



Area Manager - Liz Campbell

Event Coordinator - Jennifer Cave

Volunteer Coordinator - Brenda Black

Driver Coordinator - Sara Farbry


A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.
– Amelia Earhart

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