Get Involved

Be a Hunger Hero

One of the easiest ways to support Food For Neighbors is through monthly donations. As a "Hunger Hero," you can feel good that your commitment to our organization is helping us provide a reliable source of food to local students.


There are many volunteer opportunities available. Visit our FAQ page for more information and complete a volunteer form. Check out our volunteer video (below) for more details.

Request a Red Bag

Want to donate food but don't have a Red Bag yet?  Click below to request your bag from Food For Neighbors.


For more information, check out our Red Bag FAQs.

Become a Partner

As a Community Partner, your business's financial contribution will make a positive impact on local middle and high school students.

Fill a "Virtual" Bag

Can't leave a bag out? Do you live outside our current pickup areas?
Now you can help by filling a Virtual Red Bag. 

Spread the Word

If you're a donor or volunteer, would you tell others about your experience? Food For Neighbors grows best by word-of-mouth referrals between friends and neighbors. 

Host a Food Drive

Is your organization looking for a meaningful way to give back to the community? We have everything you need with our Food Drive Toolkit. Please complete our Food Drive Inquiry form to get started.

Volunteer as a Photographer

We're looking for local photographers interested in taking photos or videos at our events. We need high quality images for our website, marketing and publicity.


Donate Food

Large individual donations can be dropped off at any Red Bag Event (dates here). Please email us and we'll direct you to the closest event site. 

(Please note that our address listed on Google is a mailing address only.)

Community Service Hours for Students

Students (ages 9 and up) are always welcome volunteers at Food For Neighbors!


For students that need their community service hours confirmed, please contact us below.



"I just had to share as what you orchestrated and accomplished is incredibly impactful. I feel like Saturday’s event was a Godsend.  I had two extremely poor families come to me today both desperately needing food.  One was a mother with five young children and another young student of mine who is all alone with her 17 year old brother. Her mother is back in her country and father has abandoned them. Both she and her brother work to pay rent and go to school. When I asked what both needed, they immediately said food. I took them to the bins and let them get as much food as they could carry.  Thank you friend. What you did is huge - it fills bellies and I could see the sense of relief wash over them. You done good. ❤️"

~ from a Social Worker


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Food for Neighbors® is a tax-exempt, 501(c)(3) public charity and your donation is tax-deductible under U.S. tax law. To claim a donation as an itemized deduction on your taxes, please keep your email donation receipt that we will send you. Any funds raised in excess of our goal for any particular project will be automatically applied to the other ongoing work of Food for Neighbors.

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